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Sk. Carl Vaz
Skål International India
My Dear Skålleagues and Visitors,
Skål International India is a travel & tourism association that boasts amongst its membership corporate leaders and professionals across verticals – from hospitality, travel agents & tour operators, ground transport and onwards to aviation, tourism education, tourism boards, Government and more.
Skål International India and its members are driven by the core ethos of ‘doing business amongst Skålleagues’ but more importantly we stand for Transparency, Fair Business Practise, Stringent Quality and Integrity. Our India footprint spans 1,350 members across 15 chapters (or clubs as we are known) from Srinagar to Trivandrum, from Kolkata to Pune and every major metropolis.
Please do read more about us in our monthly magazine titled KOTIN – Keeping Ourselves Together INdia. And its also open as a FREE SUBSCRIPTION for by email – so do write in to us and we would be happy to add you to our growing database of corporate leaders, members of the media and general travellers.
So, feel confident to do business with a SKAL INTERNATIONAL INDIA member and travel the world. It’s your world, consider us your association.
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